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We are born with a gift — the ability to discover, learn, and grow. What nature afforded, community and society enhance. Education is salvation. It allows us to unlock our infinite capacity to find purpose and discover our own inner beauty.

Though life's challenges are never equal, the power of giving allows us to help each other unlock this potential and build a better tomorrow.

The Liv Foundation

Opening a world of opportunity through education

Who we are

Liv is a charitable foundation based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are dedicated to improving the quality and accessibility of education in underserved areas of the developing world through financing and knowledge transfer.

Our Vision is a future where the most underserved parts of society are empowered to reach their potential and play a crucial role in shaping a better world. We focus on eliminating barriers to high-quality education in the developing world, working toward UN Sustainable Development Goals to build communities that are not just surviving but thriving. To accomplish this, we build global partnerships that channel funds and drive knowledge exchange to where they’re needed most.

We believe that a connected and collaborative culture is essential for creating social change. To this end, we’ve set out to build an engaged ecosystem of long-term partners that share our mission and values. Rather than remotely financing projects, we aspire to grow close-knit, compassionate communities that make high-impact, lasting change possible.

Our organisation is totally non-profit. Our board members receive no remuneration and are driven by their passion to empower learners, help vulnerable communities gain the valuable skills, knowledge and resources needed to thrive in today's complex and rapidly changing world. Download our Policy Plan.

Our Mission is to ensure equal opportunity for the developing world by ensuring equal access to quality education.

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Students attending a computerclass at the Cholankande Youth Training Centre

Improving education is a complex process, so each of our partners brings something special to the table. Our aim is to assemble a highly-engaged group of organisations with specialist knowledge in curriculum development, delivery and industry best-practices to empower learners with the knowledge that makes them job-ready and a capacity and passion for lifelong, independent learning.

Learn more about our partners and how you can get involved visit our Partners page.



We select projects based on how they align with our mission and values and the urgency of the local and national needs. Measurability and accountability are important to us along with the project's capacity for long-term independent operations. We work closely with selected beneficiaries to identify and set priorities in alignment with our partner's wishes and ensure that there is a clear budget and activities plan for the year. We aim to complete at least one collaborative outreach mission each year to maximise engagement and impact.

Learn more about how to become one of our beneficiary projects visit our Projects page.

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