Our partners

We work closely with our partners to systematically strengthen beneficiary projects with the goal of long-term success. We have developed 6 project pillars to assist with planning holistic interventions that improve all aspects of a project. They serve as a starting point for discussions on partner cooperation, and funding priorities.

We believe the most powerful tool for driving change is empathetic knowledge exchange and authentic engagement. To this end we highly encourage all partners to share knowledge with beneficiary projects and get to know the people involved, in person, wherever possible.


Improving the well-being
of teachers and students


Introducing new
learning material


Safe and sustainable buildings, sanitation, water and electricity


Helping beneficiaries fully
transition to the digital age


Helping raise awareness for
beneficiary initiatives


Administrative interventions
to improve operations

Meet our


Uplifting digital literacy & access to the digital economy in Sri Lanka.


Gapstars is the digital transformation lead for the Liv Foundation. With offices in Sri Lanka, Lisbon, and the Netherlands, the company works to help Dutch tech ventures build integrated offshore software development teams in Sri Lanka. Through missions, consultations, and funding, Gapstars helps beneficiaries strengthen their infrastructure and empower staff and students.


Support projects, organizations & initiatives that directly or indirectly contribute to the quality of education in the Netherlands & around the world.

The Remind Learning Foundation

The Remind Learning Foundation is the charity arm of Remind Learning, a Dutch education-focused company that has created an innovative curriculum to promote independent life-long learning. They help students take charge of their learning journeys and train facilitators in the Remind Learning methodology. They focus on helping beneficiaries improve the quality of their educational programmes.


Work together to raise awareness for Sri Lanka and help uplift the underprivileged youth

Race The Pearl

Race the Pearl is a 24 Hr Cycling Challenge that will push all known physical and mental boundaries in an attempt to ride a bicycle across Sri Lanka, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Some will Race and some will Ride. The route is between the furthest two points of Point Pedro and Dondra head and will almost bisect the island and take you through a varied mix of terrain of pan-flat straight-arrow roads, mild uphills and downhills, green and barren land, while riding through day and night, rain and shine.


Help to improve and modernize the Motor Mechanics unit at the CYTC


In 2014, Fixico was launched as a marketplace for drivers to find the best body repair shops. Today, Fixico has evolved into the digital car repair management platform on a mission to shape the future of car repair by creating a smarter, better and digitally connected marketplace for everyone. Fixico enables businesses to make data-driven repair decisions, and fully optimise, control and track their repairs, while offering exceptional driver journeys.


Help with sustainable, strategic facility development at the CYTC

Sarabel Capital

Sarabel Capital is an investment office that mainly focuses on providing growth capital to ambitious and fast-growing international companies. Sarabel has a strong focus on trading companies. They provide support to their portfolio companies on strategy, finance, operations, HR and IT to achieve long-term sustainable growth and profitability.

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