Celebrating one year of The Liv Foundation

On the 20th of Feb 2024, we visited our project, the Cholankande Youth Training Centre in Nawalapitya, Sri Lanka, together with our launching partners Gapstars, The Remind Learning Foundation and Sarabel Capital, to celebrate the completion of the first calendar year of our partnership. 

The day kicked off with a ceremonial raising of flags followed by a presentation and discussion on the outcomes of the funding period and future vision for the centre. The open discussion helped us get to know the staff and students better and hear how the centre has impacted their lives.

Amaya, a past student of the school’s computer science division and the daughter of one of the school’s long-standing female employees, made a speech to share her journey and gratitude for the school. She shared her experiences at the centre, first as a child visiting with her mother from a village and later as a student. Explaining how formative those times were for her life, she ended her speech by saying: “What I am today is your gift to me. What I become will be my gift to you and to all who seek my humble services.”

Encouraged by her mother and mentored by the school’s computer science instructress Ms Noeline (who is also a past student of the centre), Amaya is now pursuing a Diploma in Information and Communication Technology and plans to continue her studies at a degree level. Her story is a shining example of how women can support one another to dream big and achieve when the right support system is in place and how the CYTC can play a major role in empowering women.

During the discussions, Rev. Fr. Christian Perera, the school’s director, shared information on the interventions made possible by the partnership. Some highlights include the introduction of a scholarship programme for both staff and students, providing financial aid to promising students, offering star students paid teaching placements and mentoring, and launching free supporting programmes in English, first aid, health education, and career coaching (for a full overview of the project’s achievements, please see our Impact Report).

The discussion ended with a speech by the Reverend Father, sharing thanks to all partners and the Jesuit vision for the centre as a leading, compassionate educational institute for the needy. This was followed by a tour of the school, the donation of three (hybrid) engines to the motor mechanics unit in honour of our new partner, Fixico, and a ceremonial tree plating to honour all Liv sponsors who have made our work at the school possible. The event concluded with lunch for all 97 staff and students present, and our partners. 

We hope to make this the start of many more partner visits and missions to come, and to build a truly engaged system of change-makers. Our approach is to put connection and understanding first to help drive outcomes that matter. We hope you will join our growing network and to see you in the beautiful, sunny isle of Sri Lanka soon.

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